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What customer service mistakes are you making?

One of the many mistakes companies make is treating their customers as a Cost.
One of the many mistakes companies make is treating their customers as a Cost.
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Everyone knows the number one rule to keeping a customer for life: delight them every time they reach out to you. Most companies fail to do this and lose their customers without ever identifying what they did wrong. Here is what you might be doing wrong when providing great customer service. Identify, correct, and implement the changes to deliver excellent customer service and retain your customers:

Focusing Too Much On New Business

Most companies make the mistake of focusing too much on acquiring new business or expanding. While it is important to gain new customers, it is equally important to retain and entertain the queries of existing ones. Repetitive business works better for your company and happy customers automatically translate into new business.

Treating Your Customer Service as a Cost

If you are doing it wrong, you are probably treating your customer service department as a cost. While your customer service department might not be thriving and overloaded with work, receiving complaints and queries is cyclical. While it is a good thing to receive them, it might not happen all the time. To treat it as an unnecessary cost is your biggest mistake. The more time you put into training your employees, the better service they will provide when problems arise. You may devote the free time to following up and reaching out to new customers or doing promotions.

You Are Able To Get Away With Bad Service

If you do not face major competition and customers have limited options to switch, this might be the reason of your poor customer service. While customers may put up with your poor service initially and for the time being, as soon as a new rival comes in you will face a major shift of customers and then you may need to improve on your customer service. Instead of waiting for that to happen, why not work at it in advance and put an effort to prevent that shift and avoid the risk of losing your customers.

Top Management Does Not Focus On Customer Service

Good practices trickle from the top and if they do not care about providing great customer service, no one else below them will. Top management might be more focused with improving product features and marketing. In mature markets, the ability to shine is by delivering great customer service but the top management might just not be thinking about that. Someone needs to stand up and take charge before all that planning goes to waste.

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