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What Could the New Redskins Name be if the Patent Office Ruling Stands?

Washington Redskins Faces Challenge from US Patent Office
Washington Redskins Faces Challenge from US Patent Office
Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Yesterday the US Patent Office ruled that the name Redskins was a “disparaging” term and revoked its trademark on the name. Washington Redskins owner, Dan Snyder has publically stated time and again he does not intend to change to name.

In its 2-1 ruling issued on Wednesday, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, an independent tribunal within the USPTO, wrote that it was charged with determining only whether the trademark was offensive to the people it referenced, not the entire U.S. population. Five Native Americans, representing four tribes, brought the case against the league in 2006.

In a practical sense this does not or would not forbid the team to keep the name. What this does is hampers the ability of the team and the NFL to make money on the name. This would open up the ability for others to produce merchandise and gear with the Redskins name without fear of prosecution from the NFL.

In the event that this ruling holds then what would some other names be suitable for the team?

Luckily for Dan Snyder and the NFL my friends and I already have numerous suggestions for a new team name.

(Be warned, these names may be just as offensive to you depending on your race, gender, political affiliation and religious status. Don’t worry we tried to spread the offensiveness equally)

Team Name Ideas

Washington Crack heads

Washington Crony Capitalists

Washington Gridlocks

Washington Trickle Downs (You wait 30 years for a winning team that never comes)

Washington Kenyans

Washington Gun Grabbers

Washington Filibusters

Washington Drones

And my personal favorite…. Washington Foreskins

For the record, the Redskins have been down this road before and the decisions were eventually reversed. Furthermore, the court battle is likely to take several years before any official decision is reached.

But in the meantime, if the “Skins”, Snyder and the NFL decide it’s not worth the fight at least they have several wonderful options for a team name.

What are your team name suggestions?

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