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What could be worse than Hamas?

According to Defense Intelligence Agency director U.S. Army Lt. General Michael Flynn and a Reuters report, if Israel destroys Hamas, something worse might take its place. He suggests that the replacement might be an organization like ISIS that is far more violent and dangerous. He also expressed pessimism that the Middle East will not become peaceful in his lifetime (which estimated might be 25-30 years more).

Seeking a better way

What can replace pessimism? Well, that would be leaders from a different generation. It would take some green field development, such as:

  1. Free world nations sponsor a conference and working group that includes young people from Gaza, Israel, neighboring nations and from free world sponsors to work on a solution from scratch.
  2. Give them six months and several meeting times as well as collaboration tools to see what they can produce.


  1. Produce a viable governance solution.
  2. Produce a viable path to a sustainable economy.
  3. Produce an economic development plan.
  4. Produce recommendations to stabilize the population in the near term.

Support participants who are working on this initiative on a fast track, and promise to assist in presenting solutions and helping get attention to evaluation and adoption. Accommodate different alternatives. Provide a safe venue in which the participants can work the problem.

The path that Israel and the free world is on today is to destroy Hamas because it is a terrorist organization that persists in firing rockets into Israel. Israel is bent on disarming Hamas. Can Israel do that without destroying the organization? Well, so far most of the reported deaths are civilians. 20,000 or more Hamas fighters remain, so there is no significant dent in their numbers.

Can Hamas be transformed into something more viable as a working government entity? The general’s pessimism prevails in the absence of a fresh start toward addressing the problem with participation from the future generations that will inherit this mess.

“Destroy Hamas? Something worse would follow: Pentagon intel chief
ASPEN Colorado Sat Jul 26, 2014 10:37pm EDT

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"If Hamas were destroyed and gone, we would probably end up with something much worse. The region would end up with something much worse," Flynn said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

"A worse threat that would come into the sort of ecosystem there … something like ISIS," he added, referring to the Islamic State, which last month declared an "Islamic caliphate" in territory it controls in Iraq and Syria.

Confined in the crowded, sandy coast enclave of 1.8 million, where poverty and unemployment hover around 40 percent, weary Gazans say they hope the battle will break the blockade that Israel and Egypt impose on them.

Israeli officials said any ceasefire must allow the military to carry on hunting down the Hamas tunnel network that criss-crosses the Gaza border.

Flynn's comments about the conflict came during a gloomy, broader assessment of unrest across the Middle East, including in Syria and Iraq. Flynn said bluntly: "Is there going to be a peace in the Middle East? Not in my lifetime."

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