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What comes after yes?

julie Wilson & Chad Caldwell at the Hotel Palomar
julie Wilson & Chad Caldwell at the Hotel Palomar
Carmine LiDestri/ Visual Image Photography

It’s that time of year again! The majority of couples getting engaged this year will do so between November first and February fourteenth, so if you haven’t yet and think you are about to- it’s not too early to begin planning. For those of you who like to do your research, check out for a unique perspective for clever couples planning a wedding and for the hottest book on the market? Check out “Donnie Brown Weddings: From Cake to Couture” by W. Donnie Brown, celebrity wedding planner.
A native Texan, Donnie has been an integral part of the Dallas wedding industry for over twenty years and for the last nine has been a central figure on Style Channel’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?” Already a local favorite with brides, the show has catapulted him to national fame and put him in demand with noted musicians, actors and sports figures. Despite Donnie’s immense popularity among the celebrities, he still calls Dallas home and is available for hire locally.
Writing a book about planning and executing a wedding was a logical step for Donnie as his popularity and demand have outpaced his availability- now the brides who do not have the opportunity to utilize him personally to coordinate their dream day can use his book as a guide.
Not your typical wedding planning guide- Donnie brings great humor, shares his vast experience and offers insider’s tips for maximizing your budget and avoiding hidden costs. Weddings are a nineteen billion dollar a year industry full of amateurs and shady characters- Donnie’s first advice as to how to escape being taken advantage of? “Hire a reputable and experienced wedding consultant. It should be the first thing you do after you say yes and call the parents.”
Donnie and “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” have just been picked up for an eleventh season of the hit show- who knows, your wedding might find it’s way to the Style channel. For more information on Donnie Brown check out