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What color paint goes with ?


It's the universal question everone asks. Here's the answer.

Where do you get your color inspiration?

When asking "what color goes with", you are trying to add an additional color to your scheme without any direction. For example.

A viewer from Elizabethtown asks.

Dear Color-Aide,

What color paint goes with a sage bedspread and mauve carpet?
I am looking to repaint my master bedroom and bath and need some help with paint colors. My carpet is mauve, my new comforter is sage green. What color do I paint the walls? 

Color-Aide answers. 

The paint answer is based on an inspiration piece you have in the room. It can be an area rug, a pillow or anything that has the two existing colors in it.

The place to start a color scheme is with an inspiration piece. It can be anything you love. Then, pull paint color from the piece to compliment the color scheme.

So, for your bedroom, you could find a quilt to drape over the bottom of the bed that has mauve, shades of green, and other color.

From the quilt, pull accent color and paint color. The color in the quilt will "ground" the space and provide the unity you need for the scheme to be coherent.

It's that easy.

Start all your color design with an inspiration piece and you will never have to ask "what color goes with"?

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