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What cigar is the perfect finish for Buffalo's famous chicken wings?

Buffalo is famous for its robust, delicious and uniquely western New York foods. Probably most famous of all is its aptly named Buffalo chicken wings, consumed in great quantities at sporting events, friendly get-togethers, and for any reason Buffalonians can think of. Some are served with hot sauce to rival molten lava, while others are served milder.

First created by downtown Buffalo's Anchor Bar in 1964,  chicken wings have spread in popularity across the nation and beyond. Today, some 66 percent of casual dining eateries list within their menus Buffalo-style chicken wings. They have reached iconic status in American gastronomic culture.

The general concensus of cigar aficionados is that cigars, like fine wine, should be matched to the food it is to be consumed with or to follow. For instance, as a complex cabernet or claret, both full bodied and complex wines of French origin, compliments a hearty steak, so too should something as spicy and flavorful as Buffalo's famous chicken wings be accompanied or finished with a cigar that will stand up to and provide an excellent partner. A milder cigar might be entirely overshadowed with the intense spices of the Buffalo wings.

A maduro, a cigar with a chocolaty, sometimes oiled leather appearance, is among the more full flavored cigars. Cigar producers ferment the maduro wrappers longer, achieving the earthier flavors coveted by cigar aficionados. Paired with the take-your-breath-away abundance of spices in Buffalo wings, and the maduro will stand up nicely. Add to that a belicoso, or churchill-sized maduro, and the cigar can be enjoyed through the meal and still have enough remaining to provide a relaxing finish.


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