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What celebrities eat at Golden Globe Awards: Take diet cues from their feast

For many celebrities, the Golden Globe Awards ceremony ranks as the most enjoyable. It provides them with extravagant quantities of the finest alcohol, as well as elegant - and surprisingly healthy - meals. And while some will choose customized foods to cater to their own diets, others will feast on heart-healthy, slenderizing Mediterranean-style meals, reported CBS News on Jan. 10.

It's that time of year: Find out how the stars will dine.
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Get some health cues for your own diet by learning about the Jan. 12 celebrity feast below.

Golden Globe Award appetizers include grilled eggplant with sun-dried tomato and pine nut hummus on seared tomato; mini sweet pepper with feta cheese, pomegranate, herbs and California olive oil on grilled pita; and grilled artichoke on multigrain tabbouleh and tahini.

  • Diet health benefits: Olive oil protects you from diabetes, while the pepper boasts your metabolism, according to Dr. Mehmet Oz. As for artichoke, it's one of the highest in fiber, which helps you lose weight.

The entree includes Mediterranean spice-crusted braised beef short rib and sauteed smoked filet of Atlantic sea trout. Also featured: Spinach sweet corn ragout and light cream of tomato dill sauce.

  • Health benefits: Use spices like chili powder, basil and turmeric to help reduce inflammation, says Dr. Oz. Spices can detoxify the liver, and chili powder boosts your metabolism. Learn more about his anti-inflammatory weight loss tips by clicking here.

Dessert takes center stage with almond sponge cake topped with mango and creme anglaise.

  • Health benefits: Enjoying a lower calorie sponge cake provides you with a way to have your cake and lose weight too. Almonds add protein, while mango antioxidant compounds protect against cancer.

In addition to the above, celebrity chefs will create an estimated 150 vegan and gluten-free meals, reported Diets in Review on Jan. 12. Learn more:

And a final diet note on celebrating the Golden Globe Awards along with the stars: Time reported on Jan. 12 that a drinking game has been created that encourages you to booze up for occasions such as a star tripping over her gown.

When it comes to keeping your New Year's resolutions, it's time to just say no to that game - and sip water instead. Or try green tea, which has been shown to boost fat-burning and memory: click here for details.

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