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What causes MS


  The cause of MS is as mysterious as the disease itself
                           Photo: Pamela Yelinek

While the understanding of, and treatment for MS has increased in recent years, the cause for the physically, socially, and financially devastating affliction remains as mysterious as the disease itself. Many researchers agree evidence seems to reveal that both environmental and genetic factors contribute to the manifestation of the perplexing illness. So what’s being done to bring the answers within reach? Lots! Just as exciting, is the fact that you, and even your family and friends, can be an intimate part in this incredibly important discovery.

The Multiple Sclerosis Genetic Susceptibility Project, at the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF), is a multicenter research study that is committed to exposing the underlying genetic causes of MS. Their aim is to define the basic origin through molecular genetics, develop better therapies and, improve diagnosis. At the very least, it’s a Texas sized task and, they need a Texas sized participant base to make it happen. That’s where MSer’s, their family and their friends, can step up with outstretched arms. Literally.

It’s your blood that they want. Not a lot. Just a sample and, they provide all the materials for you to participate. There’s absolutely no cost involved, unless you want to be a cream puff and count the needle stick. Furthermore, the only effort required on your part is to take the kit, UCSF mails to you, to your local lab or doctor to have the blood drawn. Enrollment is open indefinitely and the whole process couldn’t be easier. To let them know you are interested in participating, or just to get more information on UCSF’s research, check out their website, phone them at 1-866-674-3637, or send an email to

The entire study into the genetic susceptibility of MS, and rapid advancement towards a cure, hinges on the participation of patients and non-MSer’s alike. Your life, and your life’s story, is in your blood. Tell your story now by participating in the MS Genetic Susceptibility Project. You’re not a cream puff, are you?