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What Causes Eyelashes To Fall Out In Clumps?

Our eyelashes fall out for many different reasons. Sometimes they just arise out of trivial things like using the wrong kind of mascara or even just rubbing on your eyes to hard or too often. Sometimes they are more serious like when they are telling of an underlying illness. Either way, it is important to equip yourself with the proper knowledge of these types of situations to become more alert and to know what to do when predicaments like these arise.

1) Mascara Use
Your mascara could be causing your eyelashes to fall out. There are different reasons for this, one of which is that you are allergic to the chemical content of your mascara. If you are experiencing contact dermatitis by reason of your allergy towards your mascara it is best to stop using such product and to contact your doctor immediately.

Another reason your mascara could be causing eyelashes to fall out is just the mere fact of eye makeup removal. Mascara, especially those of the waterproof kind, can be difficult to remove and will in turn make you want to rub harder to remove it. These tugging motions will take a toll on your lashes.

2) Trauma
Trauma often happens to people who have currently experienced a traumatic event. A very common example would be somebody who just went through fire burning off their eyelashes. Of course, naturally, your lashes will grow back with the help of our eyelashes’ natural process. Just make sure you’re not suffering from any kind of burn in the area. Aside from that all you can really do is to wait for your lashes to grow back. In the mean time you can encourage hair growth by consuming Vitamins A and C regularly and regularly massaging you eyelashes.

3) Blepharitis
Although it sounds extremely detrimental, blepharitis is in no way contagious nor lethal. All it really is is an infection in your eye area which makes it swell, turn red and will even make your eyelash area flaky which will then in turn make your lashes fall off. When you start to experience these symptoms, it is best to contact your doctor immediately, your doctor will then recommend an ointment until then you can soothe the area by placing a warm compress on it. Blepharitis can turn chronic and recurring if not remedied properly.

4) Illness
An example of an illness in which you may experience eyelash fall out is a thyroid problem. In many cases falling out of the eyelashes have become a tell-tale sign of this which gives way for early detection of the illness. When the thyroid glands are either over or underactive, the person may experience bald patches in certain areas of the body such as the eyebrows and the eyelashes.
Another example is Alopecia Areata in which all the hair in the body can be lost. Although it is considered an incurable disease, it now has temporary remedies in the form of medicine. In alopecia areata, the immune system actually aims for the hair follicle making it weak and susceptible to eyelash loss.

5) Chemotherapy
It is common knowledge that with chemotherapy also comes the hair loss. The reason behind this is the fact that chemotherapy was made so that it can fight and prevent fast acting cells from growing in our body, our hair follicles become collateral in this situation. The good thing about this is that once the patient is done with the chemotherapy treatment, the hair also slowly starts to come back. According to a cancer survivor “Em”, her hair only grew back 3 months after she had finished with the chemotherapy process.

6) Skin Cancer
Sebaceous Carcinomas is a rare disease which often starts out looking harmless since it has the characteristics of a normal pimple, pink eye or even a sty. It usually has a yellow like substance on its head. Along with the potential loss of eyesight, your eyelashes also begin to fall out.

This article intends to inform people of the different reasons as to why their eyelashes fall out. Yes, it does range from harmless to more serious matters but it is important to be complete safe than to be sorry later. Eyelash loss can be telling of what your body is feeling.

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