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What caused fatal NE crash?

The crash scene
The crash scene
Alex Lloyd Gross

Philadelphia Police are sure that speed was the cause of a fatal accident on the 9300 block of Krewstown Rd .today, March 23 2014. however,there is more to this crash than speed. Was drugs or alcohol involved? Drag racing, or a defect in the vehicle? Police will do an investigation to rule in or out the above.

What they do know is that just after 4:00 a.m. an SUV was on Krewstown Rd. when it left the roadway, sheared off a fire hydrant and took out a dumpster, before overturning into the drive thru of a Citizens Bank. Two people were in the vehicle and were heavily trapped. One person died. Police said he was a passenger.

The driver was rushed to Frankford Hospital, Torresdale Division with serious injuries. One other vehicle sustained damage when the fire hydrant that was sheared off struck a vehicle that was occupied. That person did not suffer any injuries.

Building inspectors were called to the scene to determine the integrity of the structure.