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What cars have become and what they should be.

In previous articles I talked about vehicle electronics, and how they can help you drive smarter and be safer. But some cars shouldn’t have any electronics controlling the flow of power from the engine to the rear wheels.

Muscle cars for years didn’t have computers telling the wheels when to apply power to the tarmac. Big block engines pushing throaty noise past solid rear axles with these things called gears in them. That put power to the rear wheels. Which normally resulted in the tires sliding on the road and spewing smoke in dramatic fashion.

Technology has allowed for more complex car manufacturing, better body line and more powerful engines, but the line should be drawn after that. Selectable traction controls and awd settings give people who often don’t know what they are doing more power than they ought to have over a well designed car.

Muscle cars put power directly to the rear wheels with no traction control or dynamic power controls, or torque conversions. And Some modern super cars are doing the same. Noble, a British car manufacture, is producing a car called the M600, a modern super car with a computer controlled engine, but no other electronics. Its raw engine power going to the wheels.

Its also evident in modern racing how unimportant technology in performance cars actually is. The technology used NASCAR is more to see where the engine timing can be improved or weight lost and wind resistance. However they are not in the cars running them.

Lets bring the car back to what it used to be and in some cases still should be. Four wheels, powerful engine, a proper gearbox and you behind the wheel. 


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