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What Can You Do About Summer Learning Loss? (Part 1 in a Series)

Will your child be ready for school this fall?
Will your child be ready for school this fall?

Ah, summer vacation. Two words that elicit visions of swimming pools, sunbathing, barbecues, and learning. Learning? Yes, learning. Summer learning loss has been the buzz for the past couple of years in our community. But is it real, or just another gimmick to get parents to spend money on summer programs, or buy in to extended school calendars?

Summer learning loss is indeed real. Students can lose up to 3 months of learning during the summer months, with the loss being exceptionally noticable in math, and for low-income students. This is of increasing concern at a time when students are expected to meet higher and higher expectations during the school year. But what is a parent to do? Having a child start school in the fall further behind than they finished it the previous spring can't be an option. But must a student attend summer school or some intensive (and expensive) academic camp in order to prevent summer learning loss?

Learning over the summer does not have to be tiresome or expensive. It can be easy, fun, cheap, and something children - and parents - can enjoy. The next several articles will focus on inexpensive (or free!) activities that parents and children can enjoy in the Nashville area this summer. Tune in to find out what you can do to help your child avoid summer learning loss this summer!

For more information about summer learning loss, check out the following from RIF (Reading is Fundamental) and the National Summer Learning Association.