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What can we learn from the tabernacle?

There are four colors in the entrance way to the tabernacle in the Old Testament. This corresponds to the four gospels and the four distinct personalities of the Christ found in the New Testament. Jesus comes across to us as individual believers in four distinct personalities.

First one is the King,. Its this personality trait or characteristic that really upset the local romans, who felt like there was only one king and that was Caesar. jesus as the KING challenged this mindset, although he as the son of man never did that. This is the theme of the Gospel of Matthew.

The second personality is that of Son of man. His lineage was traced all the way back to Adam, to identify as the Son of man. This is evidenced in the gospels too. This is the theme of the Gospel of Luke.

The third personality is that of Healer/Savior or suffering servant as evidenced in the Gospel of Mark. In this gospel, Jesus came to heal the world.

The final Gospel is John. In John, Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. Here the theme is He was, is and always will be. He is the Word everlasting.

The entrance way to the tabernacle has four colors, each one representing a different personality or theme of the upcoming Gospels. So in this way, the Tabernacle was pointing to both the Christ upcoming, and the Four Gospels. At the same time the four Gospels direct us back to the tabernacle in the wilderness. Full circle.

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