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What can we learn about life from the Copenhagen Zoo?

The Copenhagen Zoo is in trouble one more. After killing a giraffe and openly feeding the animal to Lions (where visitors could see) the Zoo has now put down four lions, including two cubs, to make room for other lions.

Why this uproar over animals? This isn't to say that things could not have been handled better by Zoo officials, but it isn't as though the animals have any actual rights either. Then, factoring in that human beings may be selectively killed through abortion and, increasingly, euthanasia, why should anyone be shocked when human beings treat animals in a similarly cavalier manner? In an increasingly secular and godless world, why should we expect that animals would treated differently than people, or that people should be treated so poorly?

We're just asking. But we do look forward to the gyrations of the people who attempt to defend such practices. Or worse, that there will be no defense at all. Nonchalance may tell us everything we need to know about those who see no problem in treating humans as mere animals.

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