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What can people of faith learn from the recent Brit Hume incident?


  • amanda 6 years ago

    Great article Mr. McGoran (from one of your students) :)

  • Sean-David J McGoran 6 years ago


  • Cedra says 6 years ago

    Good Job

  • Billie Jo 6 years ago

    Nicely said,er written.

  • E.S. Karr 6 years ago

    Brit Hume took the stance that Buddhism was not as good for Tiger Woods as Christianity would be in offering him 'redemption' for his supposed sins. Not once in your essay did you address Hume's narrow view. Another example of you, Hume, and your admirers being muffled by the infallibility of your own sect.

  • Sean-David J McGoran 6 years ago

    E.S., you are correct. I did not address the presupposition of the Christian faith. As I mentioned, that was not the intent of the article, but rather what people of faith might learn from the incident. While many Christians engage heavily in apologetics, and I have no problem with that, I openly admit that both the Christian and the atheist (as well as every other person of faith) hold certain presuppositions.

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