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What can make me a more attractive mate?

If you believe looks are everything, you're not too serious about finding a long-term partner. Looks are not everything. Everyone and everything here on earth ages.

Be a little unpredictable.
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When you find someone you truly love, you don't want to lose that person to anyone or anything - not for money, not for the next good looking such and such. You want real love for keeps. You will want someone that gets through the good and bad times with you. Someone that loves you and won't side step you to please people or chase material things.

When you find that someone, that best way to keep him/her to death do you apart is to be a little unpredictable. I don't mean being unpredictable in a scheming fashion.

Be a little unpredictable to keep your relationship fresh and exciting. By being a little unpredictable you can also improve your negotiation skills when you come in conflict with your significant other. Yes, conflict still happens from time to time even when you're madly in love. Don't get it twisted. Work through it.

When you become a good negotiator, you learn to address problems or concerns in a way that's a less emotional approach than when you're heated after an argument or disagreement.

With passion and unpredictability, you'll be able to keep your mate head over heels for you most of the time.

Best of all, you both will feel more in control of how your relationship will develop now and in the future. Remember: Do it in moderation.

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