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How customer service representatives respond to clients have a huge impact on service!
How customer service representatives respond to clients have a huge impact on service!
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Sometimes companies cannot pinpoint why they are losing their customers. Could it be bad customer service? Definitely, but is there more than that? Yes! How your customer service representatives are responding to clients. While you may have implemented the best processes, tracking quality, and ensuring the best practices, how your representatives respond plays a key role in determining whether they are able to satisfy customers, or becoming the reason that customers are walking away.

It is more than just asking representatives to read out from a pre-determined script to handle customer complaints. Representatives should be allowed certain amount of freedom in their responses, while the basics should be maintained and spelled out well.

This of course means that they do not misbehave with customers, but rather deal with a pinch of humor, coupled with courtesy and empathy. There is no way you can avoid customers today, and what they have to say. Some companies learn it the hard way, but those who master the art of tackling their customers and improve the customer service experience, are successful in retaining, as well as attracting new customers.

Rephrase How You Respond

Words, delivery, tone and the situation in which they are offered are all factors, which rob the pleasure of a smooth customer experience. You need to train your employees to be empathetic, honest, respectful, and engaged. Some phrases, which customer service representatives, often use in online or phone conversations, must be used with caution. Here are some of them.

It’s Our Policy

This phrase suggests that company policies and procedures are more important than facilitating customers and solving their problems. It shows that you are failing to look at the situation from the perspective of the customer and suggest unwillingness to think out of the box for a solution.

Can I Help You With Something Else?

This phrase, when asked after failing to solve the complaint at hand, can cause frustration among customers without you making the effort. It will only make them question your service even more if you are unable to solve the current issue and are still asking for more complaints.

That Cannot Have Happened

Denying the fact that the customer is telling the truth? It will never earn you customer loyalty even after you have solved their issue.

Sorry For the Inconvenience

If it is not a 2-minute service wait, nothing else can pass for as an inconvenience. A cancelled flight or delayed complaints are far from being eligible to be characterized as complaints and show lack of respect for the customer.

Hold On For Just a Second

The customer knows a second is not really what you mean. So be honest, and specify how long a wait is it that you are putting them down for. You may also offer the option to return a call, or call back instead of having them wait.

You Can Get Faster Service through Our Website

If the client has opted for the phone to lodge a complaint or get assistance, there must be a reason for it. Simply asking them to hang up and navigate to the website is not really a good idea.

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