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What camera is best for an at-home eBay business?

A smartphone camera is usually good enough for eBay listings.
A smartphone camera is usually good enough for eBay listings.

Many sellers new to eBay are concerned with having all the right tools to get their business started off on the right foot. One essential tool is a digital camera. It is common for sellers to use the camera on their mobile phone as a convenient free option. More advanced smartphones usually take perfectly good photos, and using a mobile phone camera makes listing to the eBay Mobile App quick and easy.

Also, since many sellers test the waters on eBay for a few months before investing in expensive tools, the camera on a mobile phone or tablet makes perfect sense. Other cameras preferred by eBay sellers include Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, and Kodak.

There is a great discussion on an eBay seller Facebook group with had quite a few comments about different brands of cameras and advantages and disadvantages each. Read the full discussion here.

A few tips for taking photos for eBay listings:

1. Zoom in as close as possible to the item, all the way to the edges. For mobile customers looking at a small screen, this is crucial to getting a sale.

2. Always use a solid background. Poster board or a length of solid colored fabric works fine. Avoid laying the item on a patterned bedspread or kitchen floor. Try to be as professional as possible.

3. Avoid any distractions in the photo, such as a pet or child. Although cute to you, this may be a turn-off to buyers.

4. Consult the eBay Photo Guide here - it is a free download offered by eBay and will help guide you through the process of staging your item, editing photos, and other basic photography tips.

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