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What Beer Related Searches is CT Googling?

With over 70% of the Internet search business, Google is the go-to place for internet searches. Any question you want answered is just few a keystrokes away. But here’s the rub – Google is keeping a record of your searches, which allows great insight into our collective behavior.

So now that 2009 is in the books, what did CT beer drinkers have on their mind the past 12 months? According to Google, the top 10 searches for “Beer”* in the state of CT for 2009 were: pong
2. beer can
3. best beer
4. beer lyrics
5. root beer
6. brewing beer
7. light beer
8. beer bottle
9. boston beer
10. beer calories

Specifically for Hartford, the top 10 searches were: pong beer
3. beer lyrics
4. brewing beer
5. root beer
6. beer advocate
7. boston beer
8. beer bottle
9. beer is good
10. beer calories

Nationally these were the top 10 searched beer terms: pong
2. root beer
3. brewing beer
4. best beer
5. beer in hell
6. free beer
7. beer chicken
8. beer calories
9. beer bottle
10. beer garden

One last thing worth noting. Connecticut did not place in top 10 for beer related searches, that honor belongs to:

2. Wisconsin
3. Massachusetts
4. Vermont
5. Colorado
6. Ohio
7. Minnesota
8. Michigan
9. Oregon
10. New York

*For those wondering why I chose “Beer”, the terms “Microbrew” or “Craft Beer” did not have enough volume to return any search results.


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