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What are your lenders looking for in your credit report?

How many inquiries you have. Hard inquiries are those when you apply for credit. Soft inquiries are made when a creditor you already have or you check your credit report. Hard inquiries from the previous year are the only ones that affect your score.

If you are going to do any loan shopping, do so within a 14-day period. All of these inquiries will count only as one.

How much of your credit you are using. Creditors will notice the amount you owe on your credit cards in relation to your credit limits.

You should aim to  use less than 20% of the credit you have available.

How timely are you with your payments. Your payment history is crucial to lenders. The amount of days past due will affect your credit as well as the number of times you have been late.

If you only have one or two late payments on your records, you can attempt to get your lender to make a good-will adjustment to your credit report.

How big your mess-ups are. Many people have been late a payment or two on their accounts. While this affects your credit report, the three major downfalls for people are the following: liens,  bankruptcies, and delinquent accounts. They will also appear on your record for seven to ten years.

If you have any comments to make, you can add a personal statement to your report. Do so if you need to add an explanation to your report.


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