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What Are Your Favorite Smartphone Apps? Part 6

This article is a sixth follow-up to my previous 5 articles on Smartphone apps! The last apps that I discussed were mainly based on educational tools; they were iBooks, iTunesU, TED, and LinkedIn. Here are a few that are my newest picks.

The first newest app discovery is Key Ring. We all know how we carry around a million cards for our different stores, and try to keep track of our loyalty and rewards programs. I actually had to get a separate wallet for all of mine! This app lets you scan and store all of your cards in one convenient place. The app allows you to find offers in your area.

If you use Twitter, there is an app call Follow Tool. After installed and adding your Twitter account, it lets you find out statistics like your new followers, followers who don’t follow you back, people who have “unfollowed” you. This can be useful information if you use your Twitter account alot for business use.

An app that I coincidentally happened to stumble upon while searching for something entirely different is NoteMaster. This great little app is very powerful. In a nutshell, it allows you to create notes and add things to the notes like images, text, lists, drawings, etc. I am a very detailed person and always jotting stuff down, so this is a really great tool for me. A very nice feature of this app is that you can synch your notes to Dropbox or Google Drive. Just awesome!!!

The last app that I am going to discuss is an app called Balanced. Now I have to say that this is one of, if not currently my most favorite app. It helps you to stay focused and to prioritize the things in life that mean the most to you, or the things that make you happy in life. Start by choosing and setting goals from choices of pre-defined goals in the app. You can also add your own goals, which is also very nice. When the goals are met, just simply swipe the goal and the goal is met. No pressure! Another nice thing about the app is that when goals are met, you get a nice encouraging message; and when a goal is not met or is late, it doesn’t ding you to get it done…maybe a nice little, very polite note of encouragement to maybe get on that! I really like this app, and I am noticing a difference in how I get through my days lately. The small rewards add up to big results for me.

So, four more great apps for you to check out; once you try them, I am sure that you will not be disappointed. Drop me a line with any comments or if you need any advice on how to use them!

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