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What Are Your Favorite SmartPhone Apps? Part 2




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Since there are so many apps available for our Smartphone’s and tablets, I decided to do a follow-up to my last article. I mentioned four apps in that write up: Goodreads, eBay, Shopping List by Hensoft, and Errands To-Do-List by Yoctoville. I actually use these apps on a regular basis and they were all free.

Here is the next go round of my personal favorite apps. The Amazon app is great (it probably should have been in my first article!) I have been an “Amazon head” for several years. It is so convenient to have the app on my phone so I can quickly check on books and other things that I want to buy, instead of logging into my account online. This app definitely is a keep and gets used frequently.

Another good app is Netflix. Now, it’s really not a favorite of mine, but my children really like it. I’m not a fan of watching programs or movies on my phone, but some people seem to like spending time doing that. I do like to load the app and search for those hard older and those to find movies that I want to watch later. I actually rather listen to an audio book that watch a movie on my phone.

Which brings me to my next app, Audible. With this app, you can listen to your favorite books instead of reading them. Although reading is very relaxing to me, sometimes you just want someone else to do the driving. Other than the cost of some audio books, this is a good app to have for leisure time.

My next app favorite is Notes, which is a standard app for iPhone. A veritable electronic notepad, it’s very useful for jotting down quick memos on the fly. I like the way it automatically adds the current date and time of your note. It also makes the first few words of your note the title of the note. Another good feature of this app is that you can email it to yourself, and not to mention it actually looks like a small notepad.

Since I am writing this article on Father’s day, I’d like to send a shout out to all of the father’s out there….Happy Father’s Day! And as a good gift idea, why not give that special dad with a Smartphone an app for father’s day? Cheers!


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