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What Are Your Favorite SmartPhone Apps?

With so many apps available for our smartphone’s and tablets, people are bound to have their favorites. Smartphone’s are being used more and more, and not necessarily for playing games, and there is such a variety of them available now.

Some of my personal favorites are ones that are used for productivity and leisure: making regular and repetitive tasks easier to manage, and doing stuff for pure enjoyment! A top app for me is called Goodreads.

Goodreads is an app for readers that lets you list books that you have read, are currently reading, and want to read. Readers can rate, add reviews and comments of their read books, join groups, connect with and add other reader friends, and more.

The thing I like doing best with this app is showing my progress of the book I am reading, letting my friends know what page I’m on and how I like the book so far. To me, it makes reading more enjoyable. Now, I just need to work on getting more friends!

Another favorite app of mine is eBay. I've been an eBayer for many years, and I'm getting back into selling again. Having the app make selling (and buying) a breeze. With a quick few taps, I'm listing items, checking my auctions, and doing a little shopping too.

Since I spend tons of time in the grocery store, I figured a grocery app would be a good app to have. I found one appropriately called Shopping List by Hensoft. I love the way you can categorize your items, and when you check them off, they are removed from your list. The reviews are mixed, but I really like it and find it very useful. I am still using the free version, but with the paid version, you can create multiple lists.

I also have many errands that I run and tons of projects that I’m working on, and I needed a type of to-do list app. The one that I found and have been using for a while is called Errands To-Do-List by Yoctoville. Some of the things that I like about this app is that I can create different tasks and make folders for them, set repeating alarms with different alarm sounds, set priority levels and due dates, change the icons for the tasks. It really works for me and fits my needs.

If you try out a few of these and like them, let me know what you think!

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