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What Are You Worth in Your Relationship?

What Are You Worth In Your Relationship?
What Are You Worth In Your Relationship?
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Do not allow a disappointing relationship to steer you toward depression. See it for what it is, a wake-up call to what you think of yourself. Has your mate been more important to him/herself than to you? Are you planning your life around your mate?

Stop and reclaim your self-value. You are worth the "fuss", the time, and the effort to be at a high ranking in his/her life.

Recognize and honor the highest value you were created with. No definitions, research findings, circumstances, or opinions can change your worth. Absolutely nothing can degrade your worth. To think otherwise is merely denial of your God-given preciousness.

Value given to you by God is true value and is permanent. Your worth was not based upon earthly criteria; therefore, it does not follow earthly rules.

Doubts of your worth suggest that it has been lost. To have to face this as a reality would be devastating. To correct your perspective of this reality, look at the relationship to see what comfort it really did offer. Notice how it created a new fear to distract you further from the truth and your purpose.

This fear claims that you will lose what comfort you think you were getting from the relationship. This reveals that it was not a comfort at all since it has created this new fear. The alleged comfort seems gone.

The relationship is no longer a joining but has become a thing to possess and clutch. Disappointment is justified by the inner critic since the development of the relationship does not look at all as envisioned, as imagined, or fit the template of an "ideal" couple.

Who created the template and based it upon what? Happy relationships are beyond the templates of specialness that are public designators of what is ideal.

Remember that no one can give you happiness or take it away. Your happiness was never under anyone's ownership or control; it is exclusively yours. It always has been and always will be.

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