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What Are You Tolerating? Take Action With These 4 Questions and Get Moving!

Do you know you have to take action on something, but you just can’t motivate yourself to do it? Are you stuck in a rut, and can’t even think of ways to get moving? Here are 4 steps to help you take stock, and take action and get yourself moving in the right direction.

Below are 4 questions. Simply answer them and then, note the key points and similarities you notice from your responses. Take your time doing this – you may get temporarily side-tracked, and that’s OK! You can go back and finish when you are able to focus.

1. Tolerances: What are you PUTTING UP WITH at the moment?

2. Shoulds: What do you think you SHOULD be doing right now, professionally and personally?

3. Frustrations: What things are FRUSTRATING you about yourself, your life, work and others?

4. Desires: What do you REALLY, REALLY WANT right now in your personal and/or professional life? Divide your answers into a column for each.

Now, considering your answers to the 4 questions, what do you notice? These are your key learnings. Put the most important thing first, then the next and then the third in order below. Next, looking at your key learnings below, imagine what you could do about each of them within the next week.

1st Key Learning
Action 1

2nd Key Learning
Action 2

3rd Key Learning
Action 3

This is a great method to take something that seems overwhelming and could be shutting you down and breaking it down to key points. From there, it should be easier to tackle these issues by coming up with one thing you could do right away to help you overcome it.

Gina Zappariello, MS is a professional coach in San Francisco. You can learn more about Gina and her coaching practice at

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