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What are you afraid of?

Face your fears!
Face your fears!


  • Profile picture of Kathy Gaillard
    Kathy Gaillard 5 years ago

    Amen...funny, but poignant and true!

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    What was he hurting. Nothing. He is one of God's creatures. You poisened him with spray insecticide and wonder why he is going crazy. He was probably in pain. If you opened the door, he would have probably, eventually gone outside.

  • Profile picture of Karen Lindsey-Lloyd
    Karen Lindsey-Lloyd 5 years ago

    Anonymous, the gecko was not "hurting" anything. Just causing great fear in my heart and home. It oo was in an uncomfortable situation. I have made peace with what I did. Thanks for your sensitivity to God's the way I am one of God's creatures too!

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