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What are we "lead" to believe?

Your young daughter is looking into a mirror, playfully applying lipstick. She hasn't quite mastered the art and your lipstick has been traced all around her small face. You as a mother are reminded that soon she will be applying her lipstick much better as she gets older. Even you use this product, likely every day. Lipstick has been categorized for you as a go-to method of making your appearance pop. Also, it’s so simple and doesn't take a lot of time. Depending on how long you have been applying it, you can probably put it on without the use of a mirror.
However, there are news reports showing that lead is a main component of in a number of brands of lipstick. Studies by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that there really isn't a safe amount of lead for children. With this knowledge, you are quick to take this new play toy from your daughter. Going a step further, you are starting to question if this cosmetic staple is safe at all. What is the next step after tossing out your favorite lip shades?

  • Do your homework and become an ingredient-conscious buyer: If you find that you really enjoy enhancing your looks, luckily there are some brands of lipsticks that do not use lead. Though they may be more expensive than the bargain lipsticks, you may come to find that peace of mind knows no price tag.
  • Rethink your applications: perhaps you find yourself in a comfortable habit of applying lipstick every day . However, try some days without applying this tint and you may be surprised that your attachment is lessening. Perhaps you may even take a break from all cosmetics for a day. Take a page from celebrities like Jaime Lee Curtis and Gwyneth Paltrow and venture out in public sans cosmetics. Also, you may be brave enough to do the no makeup selfie challenge for breast cancer awareness. This example will show your daughter that self esteem trumps trying to keep up with the shackles of glamorous trends.
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