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What are the Symptoms of Undiagnosed Diabetes?

In United States, twenty six million people suffer from Type 2 diabetes while 81 million are prediabetic. Being a prediabetic means that you are likely to develop the condition in future. There are a number of things that can be done to minimize the harmful effects of the diabetes. If you don’t adopt the precautionary measures or follow the right steps, you can possibly get heart disease, kidney failure, stroke and retina problems, etc.

How to determine if you have diabetes?

If you think you are suffering from diabetes, you can go to the doctor to get yourself checked. The doctor will diagnose the disease using fasting glucose method or oral glucose tolerance test. Apart from that, you can also see the symptoms of diabetes to identify presence of disease.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Some of the common symptoms are described below:

Excessive Thirst

This is the easiest to spot symptom among diabetic patients. No matter how much water they are able to drink, it won’t be able to quench their thirst. The kidneys have to work a lot harder due to the excessive glucose present in the blood. Due to high blood sugar, the patient experiences high frequency of urination, which causes the overwhelming thirst to build up.


As mentioned earlier, the high blood sugar develops the thirst and patients tend to drink lots of water. The kidneys have to work harder to get rid of the glucose present in the body, however they are not able to do so. This causes them to work at all times and it causes the body to perform urination repeatedly. In severe cases, the urination condition ultimately leads to kidney failure.

Loss of Weight

Weight loss is more common among the Type 1 diabetes patients. The body is not able to absorb glucose due to insufficient amount or lack of insulin. This makes the body to lose weight and energy which is not produced due to lack of glucose conversion. Instead, the human body starts using the fat deposited in the body. In this way, diabetic patients start to lose weight!


Do you know that diabetes causes lots of weakness and fatigue among the patients? The body lacks the energy needed to carry on the activities. Due to inability of glucose conversion, the cells don’t get the right amount of energy. This is why, patients have a feeling of weariness and tiredness most of the times.

Prickling In Different Parts of the Body

The tingling and prickling is experienced in different parts of the body including hands, legs and feet. Sometimes, the patients remain unaware of the condition and you won’t be able to notice it during the early stages. This condition occurs due to the possible nerve damage. If you are able to follow the proper diet and exercises for controlling glucose levels, then it can be reversed.

Diet and Exercise for Diabetes Control

There are various diets and exercises that not only help to control but also reverse diabetic condition. If you are looking for best diet and exercise routines, you can check out Matt Traverso’s Reverse Your Diabetes Today book. It shows various methods which are considered effective to reverse and control diabetes, no matter if it’s in earlier or later stage.

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