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What are the pros and cons of these eight security products?

Used instead of, or in addition to a door chain, one, two or three doorstops are the least expensive of all of the security products.
Used instead of, or in addition to a door chain, one, two or three doorstops are the least expensive of all of the security products.
Dan Vale

Although crime prevention awareness, attitudes, knowledge, and training all are important, security products also can help to protect law abiding citizens from crime. This article will discuss the pros and cons of eight security products.

Although dogs are a great deterrent to burglary, not everyone has the money, time, space, or motivation to own a dog. These people might want to consider owning an electronic watch dog. During a power outage, however, this device will not be operational.

A second valuable security product is the travel lock. This low cost product adds another layer of security to a hotel room.

A third worthwhile security product is a portable door brace that can reinforce any door of a home. At the very least, it would slow down a home invader and give a homeowner more time to prepare a defense against the home invasion.

A fourth security product is the security camera that can allow homeowners to see areas around their houses that they cannot see by looking out of their windows. Some security cameras also allow homeowners to record everything that happens. The cameras, by themselves, can discourage potential burglars. These cameras, however can be expensive and complicated to use, especially if homeowners choose to make recordings.

A fifth security product is the burglar alarm that can add another layer of security to a home. The initial expense and monthly fees, however, can be expensive.

A sixth security product is the smart phone with a personal security application that can increase the security of people who are outside of their homes. There are issues of personal data security, however, that are troubling.

A seventh security product is the large flashlight. People would do well to have these flashlights in their cars and in different rooms of their homes. They are low cost, legal, and also can illuminate a home during a power blackout.

An eighth security product is the door chain which is an important addition to a door. If it is an expensive, high quality chain with a good anchor into the door and the door frame, it can allow a resident to talk more securely to someone outside of their home. The use of doorstops gives even more security to a homeowner.

How many of these security products do you have? What other good security products do you recommend? Please comment below.

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