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What are the odds of a great first internet date

Do you have a profile on a dating website?

Have you responded to anyone who has attempted to make contact with you?

In some cases internet dating can be a nightmare. But on the other hand there are some exceptions.

The scenario:

You have been on a dating site for a short while and you have been on two or three face to face dates. For whatever reason the connections have just not been there. At some point you decide to give up but something tells you to give it one more try.

One day you log into your account, you start going through some of the other profiles and you see a photo that captures your attention. You make the attempt to connect.

Once you make the connection you have conversations by email. At some point you decide to exchange phone numbers. After a few conversations on the phone the two of you decide to meet face to face.

In anticipation of the first date you hope and pray the photo was current after all that's what attracted you in the first place. Once you meet and have a chance to be in the presence of the person who has now come to life you realize, JACKPOT!!

Now after a few dates and many more conversations you find out you have a lot in common. The two of you also realize, this may just work out.

Timing is everything. Depending on where you are emotionally will allow you to be able connect when the time is right.

Whether it be internet dating or meeting someone on the spot there are no guarantees and you have to be careful. For those who have had made a connection over the internet and it has worked out hats off to you for being brave enough to open yourself up to the possibilities and to allow the possibilities to become your reality.

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