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What are the nuts and bolts of Walk A Block for Jesus?

How do you take the good news to the world, or at least your community?  Sometimes you get involved in the egg hunt at Easter or host a Trunk or Treat or just start walking into the neighborhood with good news.
How do you take the good news to the world, or at least your community? Sometimes you get involved in the egg hunt at Easter or host a Trunk or Treat or just start walking into the neighborhood with good news.
Tom Spence

What if I wanted to put together a Walk A Block for Jesus? What do I need to know?

The answer is easy. Just know the good news and be ready to share it. You can add some extensive logistics, bells and whistles, handouts, and more, but the message is simple.

God loves you.

He loves you enough that he sent the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world and took away the sin of the world.

You have life in Christ. Know this life!

That's it?

The rest is up to you. Make it as organized or free flowing as you like, just take the good news to a part of you community for a few hours on a given day.

Here is how the Burns Flat Cumberland Presbyterian Church will conduct their 5th Walk A Block for Jesus.

Operation Walk A Block for Jesus 2014 10 May 2014 9 am to 1 am

Situation: This is our 5th Walk A Block for Jesus.

Mission: To go into a designated segment of our community with God’s word, God’s love, and to pray many times in many places during a specified period. Our intent is to be God’s love in action and very deliberate about fulfilling the great commission right where we live. We will conduct this operation in 3 phases.

Phase I: Preparation. We do this every year, but this year there is more than just coordinating pizza pick up and material ordering. In 2014, we are actively seeking prayer requests from the community. Please talk to the people that you know and ask if they would like a small group to come into their home on the morning of 10 May 2014 and pray with them and for them. We will not press them to profess their faith or pressure them to come to our church. We will pray for them. If they want more, we will lead them where they need to go to confess, profess, gain understanding, and more. Tom will announce this on the radio on Monday 28 April 2014 and ask The Rock to continue to announce it.

Your part is to talk to people this week and if they agree to invite us into their homes, give their names and addresses to Tom. If you can’t talk to them about this, clothespin one of the prayer request sheets on their door.

Phase II: Walking, Talking, and Eating Pizza. You know this part. We will divide into three main walking groups on Saturday morning. Group I – Those who want to go into homes and pray. Group II –Those who want to walk the town and stop in the middle of every block and pray. Group III – Those who will not be happy unless they get to knock on some doors. We gather at 9:00 am on Saturday morning, pray for our mission, and then divide into groups and invade the base housing area of Burns Flat. Those who can’t walk can set up for the noon meal, answer the phone, and hotshot Bibles, Life Books, and water where needed. We meet back at the church building at noon and eat pizza (instructions on how to do this available on request).

Phase III – Invading the schools before school is out for the summer. Getting Bibles into the school without putting teachers and administrators at risk is a challenge for ministers and ministries. There are, however, no such real or perceived restraints placed upon students. If students want to bring a Gospel of John to share with their classmates, that is still within the liberties that we have in this nation.

Phase III begins Saturday at noon but truly manifests itself on Monday, 12 May 2014. Every student who participates in the Walk A Block for Jesus will be given as many Life Books as they agree to give to other students. These must be hand to hand deliveries, not just put on a table in the library or stacked in a common area. If a student agrees to hand out 5 books, he or she takes 5. If the student agrees to hand out 25, then they will receive 25.

These books are intended to reach other students so they will have them over the summer. That can’t happened if they are taken home by students but never given to others. Students are to take what they need and give away all that they take.

Administration and Logistics: Save the date and protect it. Wear a CPC shirt or other Christian tee shirt. We will have bottled water. We will also have GOD LOVES YOU – LOVE ONE ANOTHER wristbands. If someone wants to drive a support vehicle, see Tom. Sharman will pick up the pizzas.

Communication: We will note a few cell numbers in each group. The church number is 562-4706 and someone will be here to answer the phone while we walk.

Be prepared to be blessed!
OBTW –You will also be a blessing.

OK, so the pastor is also a retired Marine Corps officer and doesn't get to write many operations orders these days, but you get the idea.

Set the date.

Equip the saints.

Send them into the world or the neighborhood.

Meet back to share what happened over a simple meal.

You have a Walk A Block for Jesus.

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