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What are the new gluten free trends?

Sometimes this gluten free gal wishes she got a degree in nutrition as so many people are always inquiring about what it is like to be gluten free or how to start eating a gluten free diet. What you really need to know, is that gluten free is not for everyone. The reason gluten free is not for everyone is because most people that have adapted a gluten free lifestyle have done it for a reason. It can be one of two things, one; they are sensitive to gluten and feel better without gluten or two; they have been officially diagnosed with celiac disease.

An interesting fact published by PR Newswire states that, "Four in ten health conscious respondents (41%) are planning to buy more gluten-free products this year, whilst 57% of people are intending to buy the same amount as they did in 2013."

Interesting enough, it has been nearly four years since this gluten free gal's sister was diagnosed. This is when this gluten free gal's article writing and inquisition took place. Gladly four years later this gluten free gal is feeling the best ever since turning to a gluten free lifestyle.

Some things many of you need to know, is that gluten free is not a 'diet,' meant to be adapted to lose weight. Gluten free is a lifestyle of modifications, restrictions and paying close attention to everything you eat, especially when dining out. So many people are constantly saying, what do you eat, you can't eat anything, top if off this gluten free gal's stomach cannot tolerate dairy either.

So, to answer the question of what to eat is very easy. Anyone that eats gluten free knows, there are plenty of foods that are gluten free which include to name a few, meats, vegetables, gluten free crackers, cookies, quinoa, gluten free pasta, fruits and so many more items that are on the market. The one thing that is important to know when you have made the transition to a gluten free lifestyle, is that not every item claiming to be gluten free is healthy for you.

Every company has started to jump on the gluten free party train just to be part of the billion dollar industry. Some things you may want to avoid are, GMO corn, any sort of dyes and artificial ingredients or preservatives that some companies use in the place of gluten. Many of these ingredients are known as fillers. However, there are many items that can be good for you, or not laden with thousands of calories and fat.

Currently, the newest items on the market that are trending in the industry include: Products with quinoa, cashew and cashew butter, almond butter, flaxseed and chia seed products. Natural Products Expo West 2014 right outside Los Angeles, CA should be really interesting to see what is being brought to market.

If your company would like a review please contact this gluten free gal.

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