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What are the most valuable things in life?

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Some of the most valuable things in this life come free of charge. That's right. You may work really hard at a job you hate to earn the money to afford to live a certain lifestyle only to discover at the end of your journey that the best things in life are free.

Your house, your cars, your jewelry, and even your investments are all material possessions that can be lost, stolen, destroyed, or even taken away. What's missed sometimes during the process of accumulating all of these things is how worthless they truly are in the scheme of living a fulfilled life.

So what are the most valuable things in life? Love, forgiveness, generosity, being selfless, listening, understanding, learning your purpose, education, raising a family, developing lasting and meaningful relationships, sharing your life with someone you love, contributing something valuable to society, sharing your wisdom, teaching, being thoughtful, compassion, empathy, and making a difference in someone's life. All intangible yet the most valuable.

Ultimately, when you are taking your last breath and given an opportunity to reflect on what matters most is to put material possessions in their proper place and live a life so that at the end of your journey you can say "thank you for a life fulfilled with no regrets".

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