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What are the most common problems for Black Relationships?

Are you Black and Single? Are you in a relationship but feel very disconnected to your partner? Both are common in the Black Community. What is keeping Black women and Black men from having healthy relationships?

How can more Black Women find true love?
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An article called Keeping Black Men, Women Together Starts At Home by Tamika Mallory tries to explore the problems of Black Relationships.

Mallory is right. Many Black singles look in awe or envy over President Obama’s relationship with his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, because Black couples want the love, career and healthy family lifestyle, but having it all takes hard work.

How do you have a healthy Black relationship? How do you have a strong Black marriage and maintain that health for years to come? These are real Black relationship questions. These questions are unanswered.

As a Black woman, I’ve been frequently puzzled about real love and affection. I have always wondered what a strong Black man, loving man would look like. How would he talk? How would he hug me? What is a strong Black marriage?

If Black love is supposed to be beautiful, I want to know the power of this love. I want to be part of a strong nuclear family. It is so rare in the Black community that it is no surprise many black singles only believe it exists on TV.

Is it a fairy tale?

When people think of the Black Community, they do not think of love. I often hear other ethic groups and even Black people talk in horror about Black violence, jail systems continuing the vicious cycle of fatherless homes, and the struggle of Black single moms. To put it simple, love is a rarity in the Black Community because we don’t know affection.

It is one of the many reasons Black women have given up on love. There are very few good options and many bad options. How can the Black Community heal Broken Black Relationships?

No woman or man wants to live in poverty, face health disparities, suffer from financial hardships or live in unhealthy homes due to incarceration separating families.

The National Survey of American Life has identified that 72.5 Black people in America hope to get married someday, yet there is a very disproportionate number of Black women that remain single in the Black Community.

70% of Black women in the United States are unmarried. Even educated Black women are twice as likely as White women to be single/ unmarried.

A Standford Law Professor, Professor Banks, believes the marriage rate of Blacks is at an all time low because Black women have few good options, while Black men have too many options. There is no real effort put into courting Black women.There is just no reason for Black men to truly commit to Black women.

You can read learn more about the study by reading the article Broken Black Relationships, Where is the Love?

How do you believe Black singles can establish healthy Black love? Leave a message on Fromgirltogirl’s Facebook Page.

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