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What are the key elements to romance?

What is your idea of romance?
What is your idea of romance?

When it comes to being romantic, depending on who you ask, will determine what individuals consider to be romantic.

For some individuals taking a bubble bath with their significant other can be romantic. Watching the sun set or walking on the beach hand in hand can be romantic. There are those couples that think that laying on the couch on a rainy afternoon watching a movie together or laying in bed on a Sunday morning drinking coffee and talking can be considered to be the best part of the week for some couples and also very romantic.

If you ask a guy his idea of what's romantic his response may be being on the receiving end of a massage given to him by his significant other. If you ask his significant other her response might be giving him the massage.

On the other hand if you ask a woman what her idea of romance is her answer could be the way her guy cooks dinner for her and his response, he loves doing it for her.

The best part about romance is there are no boundaries. Romance is defined by the two people involved in the relationship. What makes the relationship work is when both parties involved in the relationship have the same expectations. After all what is considered romantic to one person may not be considered romantic to the next. The secret to finding you key to romance starts with that special someone who has the same theory as you. Once the two of you make the connection the best thing about your romance is the best is yet to come.

What is your idea of romance?

What do you consider to be romantic?