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What are the different types of automated resumes?

Modern resume software is sophisticated.
Modern resume software is sophisticated.
Dan Vale

Earlier articles have described both source and customized resumes. This article will discuss the many types and functions of automated resumes.

Automated resumes are available both by disc and by downloaded format. There are also online, automated resume services that offer a free basic resume creation service, or a deluxe version of the free version for a fee. The deluxe versions might include extras such as a:

  1. Job search of open jobs in or close to applicants’ zip codes.
  2. Feature that allows existing resumes to be tailored to apply more competitively for specific job openings.
  3. Cover letter creation serevice.
  4. Career Stage appropriate style for resumes.
  5. Periodic update of the resumes.

Many such services require a monthly or a yearly fee for any products from their resume creation service.

Automated resumes, sometimes called "resume wizards," can make resume creation easier. For example, automated resumes allow job seekers to:

  1. Enter information into predefined templates and have this information automatically formatted.
  2. Be guided by pop up tips on how to fill in each blank of the templates.
  3. Change the font and the margins, and then preview the changes before the printing or the saving of the resumes.

Not all experts , however, endorse automated resumes. Some experts point out that the styles of automated resumes are not always good fits for college graduates, and that these automated resumes are very difficult to change as the resume owners' training and experience changes.

Some employers, however, will not take any resumes for their job openings. Instead, each job applicant must fill out an online employment application that asks for information regarding each job applicant’s training and experience. The online template formats used in online applications are similar to those of automated resumes.

The job applicant's information is then scanned for key words that define the position that is open. The job applicant can use, as a reference, his or her resume when filling out these online applications. The job applicant, however, also should study and use the key words in the job announcements. This is important because, as much as possible, each job applicant needs to customize the application information to fit the job requirements written in the key words of the job announcement. Usually, the first screenings of the resumes will be done by machine scanners that are looking for key words. The resumes with the most key words will then make it to the second screening by a screening committee.

What types of resumes have you created? Please comment below.

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