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What are the chances: Maximizing social media stats for missing Nigerian girls

Bring Back Our Girls
Bring Back Our Girls
okcps child winner displayed at Admin Bldg.

Nigerian school girls kidnapped from their boarding schools is horrifying. See in series, exact different suggestions driven by a group of peers online. Core suggestions marked by +++.

#BringBackOurGirls a heart wrenching plight of a school of girls in Nigeria who had ........returned to their boarding school to complete their physics examinations.......ended up hauled off into the bush by rebel forces......Ugh. What a story. Infuriating and saddening all at once. A large number of people who are from Nigeria and who speak Igbo come through this building everyday. Lost girls, Nigerians, political wrongs, physical and norm challenges all interacting. Here and not here all at the same time. Followed the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls from day one. Use it every time the fingers hit the keys on the missing Nigerian school girls. Driving desire to help. Many others on this come with.

Hmm. Having worked in a hospital environment for years, this writer fully embraces the combined brains of a team to solve most any problem. As with all things, this writer holds that the use of science as an aspect of what might solve a problem is constant. This is what appears to be social or political problem, but as the reader will see, the Scientists did indeed come through with exaction. The people with the Humanities education are the culler, connectors .... who want people to find each chronicle data, share data with others to understand and solve the problems we all face.

One of this writer's most favorite Twitter accounts is kind of an unlikely one. @BlackPhysicists NSBP The National Society of Black Physicists. This group became increasingly obvious when Michelle Obama went to AFRICA and hung out with the Scientists while there. This is a group to watch, and to follow.

.@BlackPhysicists has posted a few things the public might use, worldwide to address problems like this quickly and most effectively. What follows is theirs, minorly augmented.


First posted a link to this article that suggests advanced techniques between mathematics and statistics and social media, to maximize social media. Could be really, really helpful to better use social media to maximize communications for missing persons, where things like #AMBERALERT stateside fail, or in areas where a missing person might be noticed and recovered, because a variety of efforts available to help alert public to the question.

Second Use of words and title to maximize interest on social media.

Third is a call to recommit to Stopping Human Trafficking

++HOW TO TELL Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan your thoughts or calls for action?


OTHER accts for President Jonathan Goodluck @presgoodluck @JGoodlucktweets @PresidentGEJ

+++WHO TO TELL in other African political and government Social Media

@GovernmentZA South African government account.

@PF_Compaore Compte Officiel du Président du Burkina Faso Official acct of the President

@AfricanBrains Africans promoting ideas and technology
@_AfricanUnion Integrated Peaceful Africa
@AOSTI_AfriUnion Observatory of African Science Technology
@AUC_DPA Department of Political Affairs
@AUobsUN Observer over Mission of the African Union
@PanAfrican_Parl Parliament has no entries since MARCH
@PaulKagame NEWS
@US_AU United States Missions to AFRICA
@StateAfrica Departmenf of State of Africa

.@TheGovernance12 Young Emerging African Leaders




++++++++++Worldwide accounts that rumble subjects calling for child human rights very well

@FLOTUS Mrs. Barack Obama, Michelle Obama is the wife of the President of the United States

@JohnKerry US State Department
‏@SenatorBoxer Barbara Boxer



Hopefully, someone with sufficient skills will roll the statisical profile of what really works for searching for the missing or sending emergency notices so common and uncommon concerns that could be remedied by large groups of people knowing, discussing and acting .....( like this) might be more rapidly and effectively disbursed to satisfactory, helpful peaceful, solutions.

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