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What are the Best Ways to Approach a Woman?

Have you been eyeing a woman and want to effortlessly find a good way to approach? This article will help you land a date with your dream girl and it all starts with a good opener.

How do you ask your dream girl out?
Photo by David Buchan

What is a dating opener? It is the first line you spit out to her. Some guys fail at this opener with lame flirtation that any dude can spit. You want to sound different and intelligent to catch her eye, but first you need to say Hey.

You say Hey because there is a good chance you will interrupt her doing something. From there, do something to make her laugh or something that makes you appear pretty cool.

For example, if you’re at a coffee shop or somewhere crowded, you can say something like this:

“Hey, when does it get busy here?” She will have some type of response and you can start talking to her without pressure.

Or you can be cool and say: Hey, are you talking about me? If she looks at you strange, pause and say why not? The strange approach will make her laugh and most likely make her smile.

The other strategy is to tell her some guy across the room is perfect for her. She will instantly look over. You can say let me show you. If she refuses to walk over, tell her you are great at playing match maker. You can ask her what she goes for in dating and relationships. This will give you insight on whether you are actually a good match for her.

Never go for cliched statements. Those statements are a huge turn off. Just be friendly and charming to have a shot with your dream girl.

If you believe the opener you want to use sounds great, use it and believe in yourself when you say it. You can get your dream girl because confidence goes a long way.

Boldness is the best for openers because it will catch a woman off in all the right ways. Be direct. Compliment her. Follow these dating tips and you will be golden when it comes time to make you move.

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