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What are the fashion and appearance cultures?

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Not every culture has significant subculture populations. The case of appearance cultures the mainstream is exceptionally large. Over the last half-century, however, several appearance cultures have grown to the point they can be the subject of a profitable marketing campaign.

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One's preponderance for personal appearance is a cultural driver in their buying habits. Most prominent in this cultural family are those that are the very high-fashion oriented, however, appearance cultures do not refer strictly to garments -- member of both of these cultures, making this cultural family unique.

Predominant subcultures:

  1. Metrosexual / GQ. Highly fashion conscious men seeking a high style look such as featured in Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine.
  2. Organic cosmetics. Women seeking organic alternatives to commercial cosmetics.
  3. Urban apparel. A specific look favored in large urban areas were among African-American or Gothic shoppers.
  4. Thrift store. This group can consist of young men seeking a retro look or frugal women seeking to build a diversified wardrobe.

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