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What are parents thinking with Halloween costumes?

Over the weekend, we as a nation celebrated Halloween. It's such an odd holiday considering our Judeo-Christian roots, but it's for the children right? It's all innocent fun; supposedly.

Sure, tons of adults go out and enjoy the day/night as well. They also enjoy dressing up, especially the women. What troubles some of us is the fact that many of these young girls today are dressing up just as risqué as their mom's going to the club. By young, we're talking 7 and 8 year olds.

Did anyone else see very young girls dressed up like hookers? Short skirts, makeup, stripper boots, etc?

Letting your little girl dress up like a little princess, a scary witch or even a cheerleader is fine. But some of the costumes that were seen walking the streets of America were ridiculous. What is wrong with these parents? Stop trying to be your kid's friend and be a parent.

Better yet, what is wrong with the fathers, that is if they are around, letting their little girls go out dressed like that? It's bad enough that many teenagers dress as "flirty" as they do, but to let extremely young girls to dress in this manner is near criminal.

Like the mom's of these girls might say, it's only once a year, what is the harm? Many American's see this as just another step toward the decay of our society's morality.

Feminists like to always add their two cents on varying subjects, but will we hear them comment about this? Little girls are taught that they can grow up to be doctors and lawyers, and yet their also being taught at a young age to dress in a certain manner contradictory to what they are taught regarding self worth.

It's not just the sexy factor that is wrong with youth costumes. How many macabre and violent costumes were seen over the weekend on impressionable boys and girls that don't understand the difference between reality and make believe? Young kids should not be seeing slasher films, let alone be dressing like those characters.

When horrible youth violence occurs, or odd sexual behavior comes to the public attention, many adults wonder what happened to the innocence of our youth... and then they dress their little girls and boys up like this each year.


  • bill 5 years ago

    Wow! Your about as thick as a brick! The children dress up as characters they fear as a way to deal with those fears. Instead of loose morals this indicates that thick bricks like yourself are just scaring the hell out of kids by the constant fear mongering in reference to sex. You are just thumping a "morality bible" to get attention, knock it off, grow up, and just let everyone else care for their morality!

  • Jack 5 years ago

    The immorality of a nation can destroy it. Many historians consider the social degradation of the Roman Empire as a reason for it falling. If the Roman Empire can kill itself from withing, so can we.

    Kids aren't fearful of sex; they seem rather comfortable with it and it's consequences, which leads to problems.

    As for growing up, I didn't call anybody names. Just because we disagree doesn't mean we have to get hostile, but I can take it.

  • Too much indoctrination 5 years ago

    JACK - Good points. Also, since when are we a JUDEO-Christian nation? This is simply more weakStreamMedia nonsense!