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What Are Natural Smoking Cessation Products

quit smoking aid
quit smoking aid
quit smoking aid

Addiction to cigarettes has been a problem over the ages worldwide, despite having the knowledge of how one ends up causing permanent irreparable damage almost always. High levels of stress, loss of appetite, fatigue, and irregular sleep encourage smoking. Addicts argue that smoking reduces tension, helps in relaxation, stimulates work capacity and also cater to sheer pleasure. However, smoking also leads to strokes, heart attacks, chronic diseases or bladder cancer. Addiction levels to such that in spite of restrictions and high taxes people are driven to consume harmful products. Therefore it is wiser to consume harmless herbal smoking cessation products to kick the habit.
Nicotine gums are chewing gums which deliver nicotine through absorption by tissues of mouth to the body. They are used as aids in nicotine replacement therapy. Single pieces come in various flavours and are provided in individual foil packages. Nicotine patches on the other hand are trans dermal patches that release nicotine through skin into the body. They are used as aids for smoking cessation. Nicotine lozenges are flavoured tablets which dissolve slowly in mouth to release the doze of nicotine. Nicotine inhaler and Nicotine nasal sprays are also used as alternatives by some.

There are several herbal remedies to quit smoking and nicotine altogether. Cayenne Pepper desensitizes respiratory system to chemical irritants and tobacco thereby upsetting cravings. Lobelia is a herb that helps people to withdraw nicotine and may be found in anti-smoking products. St. John’s wort turns a smoker into non smoker and promotes positive mental attitude. Peppermint stimulates digestive juices and removes nausea. Acupuncture on the other hand enhances relaxation and healing and can be used as a quit smoking aid. Consumption of oats assures low risk of heart disease and combats high blood pressure. Hyssop clears mucus congestion in lungs and may alleviate anxiety and hysteria. Working out can also prove to be useful in this case.
Inexpensive and effective tools may include the following: Vitamin C Spray is powdered vitamin C assorted with water that reduces cravings of cigars. Auriculo-Therapy involves pressure on points on ear that correspond to lungs and other organs. Seed Embedding and Wrist Acupressure may also be effective. Aromatherapy has proved to be the most useful in quitting smoking.

Nicotine-free e cigarettes are basically Herbal cigarettes. These are composed of a mixture of selected herbs and do not contain any tobacco, tar or addictive substances. Herbal products are promoted as an aid of tobacco cessation. Disposable electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly common in anti-smoking legislation, and in public spaces where there is prohibition of the use of tobacco.

These products can relieve gastric discomfort because of its secured composition; induce restful sleep and a sore throat. The product is made of 36 herbal plants from India, Philippines, Africa, South America, and China and rechargeable shisha pens come in more than 70 different flavours.

Herbal cigarettes can also be consumed as opposed to drinking tea, coffee, and cocktails in stressful situations as it helps to control cravings for addictive substances. These cigars unlike traditional products leave no smell or lingering smoke; chemicals dissolve into the air after it has been exhaled, in a few seconds. Consumable products are used as fillings. Corn silk and flavourful herbs, such as cinnamon, mint, or lemongrass, have been utilized in these Rechargeable electronic cigarettes. Other manufacturers have used non-herbs like clover leaves or rose petals. Some may use dried lettuce and the flavourless bagasse as well.