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What are Mules?

Mules are simply backless shoes with a closed toe which come in a plethora of styles and design and are worn by men and women. To be more specific, mules can refer to sandals, sneakers, or even clogs; it can have high heels, low heels, or chunky heels, in either casual or formal style.

High heeled mules gained popularity in the 18th century as an indoor shoe style worn only for women. Mules were always meant for the higher rank of the society as a sign of status that shows to the other people that you lived a luxurious life.

The existence of mules continues as the Hollywood’s most popular leading ladies in their time; Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell wore mules for their movie roles and press photos. Today mules made a huge comeback as celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Olivia Palermo and Lily Collins recently spotted wearing mules paring with denim, shorts and frilly dresses this spring. You can check out styles from the top designer brands like Chloe, Celine, Balenciaga and Fendi that revamped the mules with new fabrics, embellishments and shapes. New designs can appear without straps or with more of a slingback feel having an attached ankle closure.

Like every other type of shoes, there are style guides for wearing mules. Any type of mules are best partner with cropped trousers. Cropped pants offer just the right amount of ankle visibility to really highlight the shoe. It can also pair with a skirt or a dress. If you have large legs, or thick ankles it is best to use a mule with a chunkier heel, this will make your ankles appear thinner. On the other hand, if you have thin legs or bony ankles use mules with thin, stiletto heels.

When buying mules you can go to any department stores, for retailers will carry a selection of mules in the stores. However these retailers may only have limited selection of specific brands. Although you can try to fit on mules for comfort, you may have difficulty finding the specific style of mule you want to buy. Consider looking at online retailers for a larger selection of mules to choose from. eBay and Amazon are another option for purchasing mules, as they have a variety of styles, colors and sizes at highly competitive prices.

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