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What are Inhuman Spirits?

Demon Child
Demon Child
everinbloom/ Deviant Art (creative commons)

Inhuman spirits are exactly what the name implies. These spirits are inhuman and have never been a human. They exist as an entity of their own. Some claim that inhuman spirits are demons or evil spirits that were cast out of heaven with Satan. These spirits roam the earth in search of someone whom they can possess.

It is believed that inhuman spirits harbor extreme hatred towards humans and that all of their activities are designed to pave the way to breaking the person's will and taking possession of their body.

Inhuman spirits are able to manifest themselves in any form they choose, but generally manifest as a half-man and half-animal. The body may resemble the human form with a grotesque head and face of an evil being. The legs may be covered with hair resembling a beast. These spirits are neither male nor female, but may manifest as either, in a human form, if it serves their purpose.

Signs of inhuman spirits are a ferocious growl, or other frightening sounds, that appears to me coming from all directions. Some have reported the experience of the entire home appearing to breathe. The overpowering stench of rotted flesh often accompanies an inhuman spirit. The air in the haunted area may appear heavy, much like dense fog, and the temperature will change drastically, usually getting much warmer. These spirits may bite, push, shove, scratch and attack without provocation. Raised welts and lesions may suddenly appear on the body.

Inhuman spirits possess great strength and power. They can throw people or heavy objects through the air. They even cause people and objects to levitate. It appears that the goal of the inhuman spirit is to break the will of the individual so they can take control.

The movie The Exorcist portrays the events that can transpire with an inhuman haunting. The events in the movie were based on a case of a documented possession and exorcism of a 12-year-old boy from Mt. Rainier, Maryland in 1949. Although some events were enhanced, or even fabricated for the movie, many of the events were documented by witnesses in the Mt. Rainier case. The appearance of the word hell in raised welts on the body actually appeared in the Mt. Rainier case. The word was spelled out on the abdomen of the boy so that when he looked down he could read it.

Inhuman spirits may appear intelligent, but should not be confused with intelligent ghosts. They are deceitful and will use any means necessary to gain control of your body. They may have knowledge of events in your life that you think only the spirit of a departed loved one may know. This is merely trickery to convince you that they are benign. They are not.

During an investigation, the inhuman spirit may suddenly appear to be friendly and may even manifest as a lost soul searching for answers. The reason is simple. The inhuman spirit wants to avoid detection by those who have the power to remove it from the area. It wants to prevent a blessing or exorcism of the home. It is important to keep in mind the actions that have been reported prior to an investigators visit.

Inhuman spirits are dangerous and should not be taken lightly, and definitely are nothing to play with. Paranormal and religious leaders warn that playing with an Ouija Board or otherwise inviting the inhuman spirit to interact with you should be avoided. Attempts to provoke the spirit or demands placed on the spirit by an untrained individual may make matters much worse.

If you suspect that you have an inhuman spirit in your home, do not attempt to exorcise the home on your own, and do not rely on the skills of well-meaning friends who think they know what to do. Seek the assistance of a reputable organization or the clergy immediately.

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