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What are important First Date Questions?

You have accepted a first date or you are happy that your crush said yes to a first date. You are anticipating all the great things that could happen on the date. You are wondering what to wear, but have you thought about your first date questions?

What are the best first date questions?
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Yes, first date questions are just as important as going on first dates and being on time. When you sit down for a meal with your date, what will you ask?

It can be nerve wrecking to be put on the spot like that. It can be awkward if you are not prepared to ask first date questions or answer first date questions.

After planning out your fashion and style ( do not over do it), you need to make sure you ask the important first date questions rather than filler questions. Important first date questions will give you insight about who you are dating and whether it is worth your time to date the person again. Important first date questions are usually asked right after you ask ice breaker questions. Here are examples of ice breaker questions:

  • How do you like your [ Insert food item or drink]?
  • How has your week been going?
  • Where did you get [ Insert clothing item]? It looks great on you.

Here is a list of important first date questions you should not forget to ask:

  • What really makes you laugh and smile?
  • What is your number 1 goal in life?
  • How do you like to spend your weekends?
  • What are your pet peeves?
  • What should I know about you that people would never think to ask?
  • What is your calling in life?
  • What do you hate most about dating?
  • What do you like most about dating?
  • What is your definition of attractive?

Keep in mind it is better to listen than hear yourself take over the entire conversation. It’s better to be a good listener because when people become comfortable in conversation, they reveal a great deal about themselves.

Your questions do not have to be overly deep in thought. Don’t get too personal when talking to your date. You will have plenty of time to answer personal questions in future dates if the person is worth your time.

More importantly, do not vent about past dating failures, your cheating ex or anything that will signal to your date you have some problems. Everyone has problems. It is how people overcome failures and challenges that matters. People who bring all this venting to the table on the first date are usually self centered, have unresolved relationship issues or do not respect boundaries. Listen to your date to find out what kind of interaction you can expect down the line.

Good luck on your dating! Hope these great dating tips help you find the girl or guy of your dreams!

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