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What are gender cultures?

Understanding gender cultures?
Understanding gender cultures?
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It is a simple, easy-to-understand fact that men and women are different. What is more complex is understanding genders and the cultures that have developed because of the history experienced by each genders.

Most societies were originally male dominated and some continue to be male-dominated to this day. The male domination could be religious, such as in Saudi Arabia, or nonreligious, such as in China.

Over the years women have gained rights, even in male-dominated societies. Whether it be through the woman suffragette movement in Europe or Susan B Anthony’s campaigning in the United States the struggle for rights has created a strong bond among many women.

As with any culture it is impossible to paint cultural members with wide brush strokes. Although all women seem to be career minded some see the role of a housewife or mother raising children as an important career.

With recent medical advances, a trans-gender has begun to develop.

Predominant subcultures:

  1. Female
  2. Male
  3. Transgender
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