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What are business designations and their associated culture?

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Corporate structure is more of a culture experienced by business owners or high-ranking company officials. The recipe for success differs based on the size and structure of the organization.

A true entrepreneur, someone whose focus is on building multiple businesses, looks at life and business differently from the CEO of a major corporation. The entrepreneur is spending his or her own money and typically has less of a support system in the CEO whose main focus is a Board of Directors. Nonprofit organizations must focus their decisions on their donors while the owner of a small or midsize business tends to focus on the employees to whom they feel an obligation to keep gainfully employed.

Employees within each of the subcultures to not tend to share the subculture with the company’s leadership. For the most part an employee, let us say an administrative assistant, has the same work experience regardless of the corporate structure.

The Internal Revenue Service designation of C Corp., S Corp., self-employed, LLC or nonprofit is not a factor within this culture.

Predominant subcultures:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Large public corporation
  • Small or mid-sized business
  • Nonprofit
  • Privately held

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