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What an interior designer can do for you: Top 5 services

Design Consultation
Design Consultation
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Have you ever hired an interior designer? Do you really know which services are in high demand and how it may simplify any project you may wish to start?

Here are the top 5 new Interior design services trends:

Home Consultation:
This service covers a wide array of guidance.

It includes helping you with selecting the right furnishings, beddings, finishes such as carpet, tiles.

A professional will always include a written detailed report.

The report is for you to keep and to review the options offered to you.

It will also help you prioritize and budget.

Color Consultation:
Selecting the right color palette for your home. This includes paint color testing on a designated area of your home. Preferably a white wall which gets enough light.

Some designers prefer to submit big paint swatches instead of testing on a wall.

The consultation will cover the rooms involved in design project.

Green Design:
This service is in high demand.
It will include sharing with you green and eco-friendly sources. The designer will have access to eco-friendly companies who use sustainable materials and minimize waste. It will cover selecting carpet, wood floors, tiles, window coverings, furniture and accessories in order make your home a healthier and as environmentally as possible.

High Rise Design:
This is a new emerging service for High Rise living and condominium.

The designer will work with your limited space and maximizing its potential and functionality.

Window Coverings:
Access to "the trade only" window coverings for your space and to the latest styles in window treatments that are suitable for your High Rise condominium or house.


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