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What an amazing Con: DragonCon 2014

DragonCon just keeps getting bigger. When I started volunteering 18 years ago, there were 10,000 con attendees in one hotel. This year there were more than 62,000 in 5 hotels and the Apparel Mart. When the parade began, it was small enough to wind through the Marriott. Now it is huge and takes several hours to view.

A Dragon for DragonCon
Takesi Akamatsu

One thing that never changes is that the convention is like nothing else in the world. The color, the costumes, the guests, the all makes for a complete break from the everyday world. You can unleash your inner child, your inner fan geek, your nerdy side, and you can make your experience whatever you want it to be, within reason.

Oh, if what your want is to see your favorite stars, you may have to stand or sit in some very long lines and you may not get to see them all, but there's always the Walk of Fame and autographs. If you want to spends hours listening to experts talk about space or literature or robotics or if you want to play games, you can do that.

At this Con, I did not see a lot of celebrities. I was working in Sci Fi Lit, so I got to hear and see authors like Timothy Zahn, Larry Niven, Robert J. Sawyer, John Ringo, Gene Wolfe, and many more. For me, that is nrivana.

Of course, we saw plenty of costumes. Frozen was a big theme this year, and we saw a fair number of Transformers as well.

It was a whirl. One minute it's Thursday and we're setting everything up and the next minute it's Monday and it's all over. Give us a few days to recover and many of us are already thinking about next year.

There's just nothing, nothing in the world like DragonCon.

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