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What Actually is an Interior Design?

Interior design, as described my specialists and related scholars is the art to convert an interior space into an effective sitting area for inducing extra soothe to the human activities. Interior design is considered as the art that influences the human activities effectively and positively. In this blog, design55 discusses the evolution of interior design from its early ages to middle ages. First it is important to know who is an interior designer. As the name suggests, an interior designer is the one who coordinates and manages an interior design. This is a multifaceted profession which requires conceptual development capabilities and the skills to execute a design.

Interior Designing

The Evolution: From Early Ages to Modern Era

Since the inception of interior industry, acute focus has been enforced on the interiors of a building. This profession originated from the need to develop effective interiors because of increased industrialization. Effective interior designing, in its start, just focused on how to use the space effectively, but now it has expanded to much more branches. In ancient India, the job of interior designing was performed by the architects themselves but now in modern era, this has developed into a whole new and much expanded filed.

Art Deco, Arab Materials and Japanese Design are three most popular interior design styles, that have been followed since ages, and are a source of influence in the field of interior designing.

Art Deco:

The “Art Deco” style originated in Europe in early 20th century. The term ART DECO was extracted from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes, a world’s fair held in Paris in 1925. This style is quite famous now as it involves acute and precise detailing.

Arab Materials:

Arab Materials have been a major charm of the field of interior designing. This art involves the religious decorations and religious sculptures and originated from Saudi Arabia and Yemen. This art has been quite famous and has been praised a lot since its inception. It involves acute writing on the sculptures and many monumental sculptures.

Japanese Materials:

In the field of interior designing, Japanese design is based on craftsmanship, beauty, elaboration, and delicacy. This design is quite simple, yet very attractive and eye catching. The major factor associated with this design is that it requires high level of focus and very minute details are focused. In the modern Japan, this design is still followed as an influential interior design.

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