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What about those Indian mascots?

A bill introduced Wednesday in the Colorado legislature would require schools to get state approval to use Native American-themed nicknames.

Basically, Senate Bill 10-107 would mandate that any public or charter high school “that uses an American Indian mascot to either cease using the American Indian mascot or obtain approval for the continued use of the American Indian mascot or another American Indian mascot from the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs.”

The deadline for doing that would be July 31, 2013, and any school that ignored the law after that date would be fined $1,000 a month.

No count was immediately available on how many schools have such mascots. But, Colorado does have several teams named the Indians. La Veta High School’s teams are named the Redskins, and Lamar High School uses Savages.

Brace yourself for lively committee and floor debates about cultural sensitivity, political correctness, legislative meddling, local control and school traditions.

- More details from Education News Colorado


  • Lech Dharma 5 years ago

    One of the cornerstones of Fascism is when "the state" grants itself the power to determine---and enforce---the "political correctness" of the language and symbols used within a community. The fact that a school would still be able to use their "unapproved" mascot name or imagery by paying a $1000/month "fine" does not alter the fact that legislation like this amounts to "state" censorship of freedom of speech. "Society", itself, should determine what appropriate "social norms" are---not government.

    American Indians do not have exclusive "rights" to the words and images associated with them anymore than black Americans "own" the "n" word, or white Americans own the words "honky" or "whitey."

    The appropriateness or "inappropriateness" of certain words and images are for individual families, individual communities, and American "society" to determine---not legislative bodies.

  • student 5 years ago

    i am a student at lamar high school and yes we are the savages but look savages up in the dictionary it says nothing about native americans. dosn't colorado legislature have anything better to do then trying to be "political correct"? another thing they should think about befor they go and try to pass this law think about how much money this would cost the school every single one of our sports jersys say savages on them do you have any idea how much it costs for football jersys alone? not to mention all the other sports.

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